2015 bencher election brings renewal and diversity

Posted: 05/08/2015

ConvocationThe recent Bencher election resulted in a renewed and diverse bench, featuring a rich blend of new and experienced members.

There are 18 new benchers. All 22 remaining incumbents, including Treasurer Janet E. Minor, were re-elected. (Under Law Society By-laws, there are 40 lawyer benchers — 20 from Toronto and 20 from outside the city).

“As a result of our governance reforms, the increased turnover means we have a bench that marshals talent from a broader range of communities, practice and work areas throughout the province,” says Treasurer Minor. “I very much look forward to working with this bench as we continue to govern and support the legal professions.”

Three new public sector lawyers now join the bench. Two incumbents from the public sector were re-elected.

And while most elected benchers practise as advocates in a diverse range of settings, there is also an increase in the number who work primarily as solicitors.

Additionally, the new bench includes eight sole practitioners, as well as many lawyers from small, medium and large-size firms.

Ten of the elected benchers are racialized. Finally, a total of 17 are women — six of whom are first-time benchers.

“The legal landscape is constantly evolving and we are dealing with a number of very important and complex issues,” says Treasurer Minor. “This diverse bench is very well-positioned to represent all perspectives as we consider progressive and meaningful initiatives to protect and serve the public.”

Full bencher election results and statistics are available at www.lsuc.on.ca/bencher-election-2015.