About: Lincoln Alexander Award

Posted: 05/07/2013

Lincoln AlexanderThe Lincoln Alexander Award was established in 2002 and is awarded annually in recognition of an Ontario lawyer who has demonstrated long-standing interest and commitment to the public and to the pursuit of community service on behalf of residents of Ontario.

The award was created in honour of The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, P.C., C.C., O.Ont., C.D., Q.C., LSM, to reward his dedication to the people of Ontario and the legal community.

The honour is granted only to members of the Law Society of Upper Canada or in recognition of service given while a member of the Law Society.

Past Lincoln Alexander Award recipients

Paul Le Vay, 2015
Nigel G. Gilby, 2014
Frank E. Walwyn, 2013
Keith J.F. Jobbitt, 2012
Stanley M. Tick, Q.C., 2011
Aly N. Alibhai, 2010
Sandra Thomas, 2009
Morley Wolfe, Q.C., 2008
Roger Rowe, 2007
Patricia DeGuire, F.C.I.P., LLM, 2006
Keith M. Landy, 2005
Keith C. Norton, Q.C., 2004
David Lepofsky, 2003
Jean Teillet, 2002