By-Law 7.1 and rules amended re: electronic registration of title documents

Posted: 01/25/2018

NoticeConvocation approved amendments to Rules 6.1-5 and 6.1-6 (Electronic Registration of Title Documents) and By-Law 7.1 (Relationship to the Law Society and other Lawyers) to reflect recent changes to the Teraview system.

Teraview is currently launching a web-based application for accessing Ontario’s land records database, replacing the desktop version. The new web-based application requires either a soft or hard RSA token to sign instruments for completeness and/or release. The amendments approved by Convocation ensure the language in the rules and By-Law 7.1 reflect the new practice.

The web-based application was launched on January 8, 2018 and is being implemented across the province on a rolling basis.

For more information see the Professional Regulation Committee report to Convocation. See also the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services bulletin and Q&A from Changes to Teraview®: What You Need to Know.


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