Call for Applications: Law Society External Appointments

Posted: 08/18/2017

interior-call-for-applications-ENAs part of the Law Society’s mandate to recommend potential appointees to a variety of boards, councils and committees, we are currently seeking applications from qualified individuals for appointment to the following:

The Role of Appointees

Appointees play a vital role in public service. They are responsible for representing and contributing perspectives from areas that would otherwise be underrepresented. Appointee participation fills gaps in conversation with insights, and provides a voice for groups who do not have access.

Independent organizations provide essential services to the public and depend on the high ethical standards of the people appointed to their governing bodies for continued success:

  • Legal Aid works to ensure that healthy communities include responsive and meaningful legal aid services and improved access to justice.
  • The Civil Rules Committee plays a critical role in the province, making recommendations subject to the approval of the Attorney General for rules of practice and procedure used in the Court of Appeal and Superior Court of Justice.
  • The Family Rules Committee also makes recommendations regarding the practices and proceedings of the Court of appeal, the Superior Court of Justice and also the Ontario Court of Justice and is subject to the approval of the Attorney General.

How to Apply

Applicants will be considered within the Law Society’s process for external appointments, which includes a specific commitment to promoting and respecting principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Apply by submitting the online form available at

Please apply no later than Friday, October 6th, 2017.

Those who have previously submitted an application to one of the above appointments within the last 12 months will also be considered.

If you have any further questions, please contact Aaron Denhartog, Public Affairs Advisor, at or 416-947-5269.