Former Treasurer joins new Calls in Toronto

Posted: 06/20/2014

Laurie H. PawlitzaLaw Society Treasurer Thomas G. Conway called 388 lawyers to the Bar today at Roy Thomson Hall — and presented his predecessor, former Treasurer Laurie H. Pawlitza, with an honorary LLD.

During the ceremony, those attending were encouraged to share their comments and photos online using the hashtag #called2014. A selection of the best posts was collected on the Gazette.

In a speech to attendees, Conway offered words of encouragement.

“There will be days when you will be challenged in your task,” he said. “On those occasions, it will be hard for you to appreciate the great privilege you have been given and the noble tradition you have inherited. There will be days when you feel you can’t push the boulder up the hill any more.

“But it is an everyday commitment to your task at hand that will, in the end, effect the most change to the larger system.”

Former Treasurer Pawlitza shared a similar sentiment in her speech to the 206 female and 182 male lawyers being called.

“No matter the type of clients you serve, it is not where you practice, but how you practice that is important,” she said. “Whether we are acting for a public company or a child charged with shoplifting, each of us represent the face of the legal profession every single day.

Pawlitza continued, “You will do many things over your professional lives. Not everything will evoke passion. There are times that you will be frustrated and tired. There will always be more interesting and less interesting problems to solve.”

“But your clients will place their trust in you. You have an obligation to ensure that you do your best every single day to maintain that trust.”

“Never forget,” Pawlitza concluded. “Each and every one of you is the face of our profession.”