Convocation approves enhancements to Practice Management Helpline

Posted: 10/25/2018

Practice Management HelplineConvocation today approved significant enhancements to the Practice Management Helpline to better meet the needs of practitioners in an increasingly complex and demanding professional environment.

Prepared by the Professional Development and Competence Committee, the amendments respond to suggestions made by respondents to a 2017 survey about the Helpline and are designed to ensure that it remains a modern, responsive, and agile tool to assist practitioners.

Survey feedback indicates that while the service is highly valued, licensees are seeking more support from the Law Society — in particular, they indicated the need and desire for more robust guidance and direct access to the service.

The changes are also consistent with the LSO’s strategic priority to improve and increase practice supports for practitioners and will be phased in gradually.

The enhancements are intended to:

  1. Provide streamlined telephone access to the Helpline: Introduce a triage process and enhanced voicemail function to allow calls to be prioritized based on level of urgency.
  2. Explore digital platforms to modernize the Helpline: Develop an online chat function or “Helpline app” that enables more direct access to the service, creates efficiencies, and improves overall functionality.
  3. Broaden the scope of service provided by the Helpline: Provide a more robust level of guidance to include reference to relevant case law and legal principles, and working with the caller to arrive at more definitive answers to inquiries, within the Helpline’s mandate.
  4. Prioritize the proactive development of additional, innovative, practical resources: Create innovative, practical resources to assist lawyers and paralegals in making decisions about their professional responsibilities that can be accessed in a self-service manner. Multi-media interfaces, interactive technology and micro-learning modules to support moment of need delivery would be explored.
  5. Actively promote the Helpline: Increase awareness of the Helpline service through active promotion via traditional marketing and social media platforms.


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