Convocation approves Legal Information and Resource Network

Posted: 11/29/2019

Woman staring at the ground with legal texts in the background

A new structure that governs the delivery of library services and legal information to Ontario licensees was approved by Convocation. LIRN (the Legal Information and Resource Network), will replace LibraryCo, in managing the 48 law libraries throughout the province.

Also approved by the Federation of Law Associations of Ontario (FOLA) and the Toronto Lawyer’s Association (TLA), the new structure will ensure the modernization of the delivery of legal information and library services in an efficient and cost-effective way.

LIRN was developed following a needs assessment and is designed to:

  • fulfil the Law Society’s mandate to ensure that the public is served by lawyers and paralegals with high standards of learning and competence
  • support the ongoing professional development of licensees
  • establish a platform that provides access to information for all licensees
  • offer a supportive and robust range of services targeted to the needs of licensees.

LIRN will have an independent board of directors whose members have specific expertise in library services, regulatory issues and the information and research needs of licensees in private practice.

For more information, see the report to Convocation.