Convocation approves plan for province-wide awareness campaign

Posted: 02/22/2018

ERC 2018 344x259Convocation today approved the Law Society’s plan to initiate an awareness campaign this year designed to generate greater understanding among Ontarians of what to do when they need legal help, how to find a lawyer or paralegal, and how the Law Society is working to ensure they have access to the right legal services when they need them.

The awareness campaign will also seek to educate the public about the Law Society’s role as a regulator and its role in ensuring access to quality legal services.

A mix of communications methods will be employed to help establish the Law Society as the go-to place for obtaining information about legal resources and for referrals through the Society’s Directory to lawyers and paralegals.

The campaign will feature ads in public spaces, ads online, which is the second most frequent way the public source legal information after referrals from friends and family, public relations activities, partnering with stakeholder groups to disseminate information, and engaging with people on social media.

In addition to connecting with the public, the Law Society is also looking to enhance communications with licensees through better and more streamlined communications, and increased involvement from benchers and licensees in promoting initiatives.

A new, easier to navigate website will also be launched in advance of the awareness campaign. Designed to enable the public and licensees to access information quicker and with fewer clicks, the website acts as the central resource for information for the public, and also provides lawyers and paralegals with information on how to maintain and improve their practices, links to continuous professional development resources, and access to member services.

The Strategic Communications Steering Group members will continue to work with staff and provide guidance and input as the campaign develops and is implemented.

See the Strategic Communications Steering Group report to Convocation for more information.

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