Convocation reviews Governance Task Force Report

Posted: 02/22/2018

Governance Task ForceConvocation reviewed the Governance Task Force report which outlined key findings and next steps under the mandate of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in Law Society governance as one of Convocation’s strategic priorities. The Governance Task Force was established in September 2016 by Convocation, at the request of the Treasurer, to review and make recommendations with regard to the Law Society’s governance structure.

The report provided an overview of the research findings, a review of the Law Society’s governance “architecture”, and finally, an outline of the issues related to governance processes.

Research for the taskforce was completed by Hansell LLP, which compared the Law Society to similar professional organizations in Canada and elsewhere, and noted key differences and similarities in governance structure and methods.

Based on this research, and the views and opinions shared through a bencher survey and at a bencher session on governance, a number of themes emerged that informed the Task Force’s ongoing work to recommend improvements for greater board effectiveness:

a.  Convocation is too large;

b.  Committees are too large;

c.  Conduct of meetings and decision-making are affected by the size of Convocation and committees;

d.  Composition of the board, including the method of composition, the range of diversity and the ex officio component, requires review; and

e.  The Treasurer’s term of office should be reviewed.

To learn more about these themes, findings, and proposed next steps, please read the full report.


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