Flip Your Wig for Justice

Posted: 03/06/2014

cta Flip Your Wig eventTo generate awareness about the challenge Ontarians face hiring legal help and having their matter addressed by the courts in a timely and affordable way, Law Society Treasurer Thomas Conway is participating in an awareness campaign: Flip Your Wig for Justice.

Follow the campaign online via: @FlipWig, #FlipYourWig, #A2J

Throughout the province’s courtrooms, classrooms and boardrooms, members of the legal community will today don wigs to support the Flip Your Wig initiative and spark dialogue about Canada’s access to justice crisis.

The campaign plays on the traditional judicial wig and the turn of phrase ‘Flip Your Wig’ – implying anger and outrage. Funds raised will support access to justice programs run by the seven non-profit organizations who founded the initiative.

At an Osgoode Hall reception last night to launch the initiative, Treasurer Conway, encouraged guests to demand access to justice.

“We are inviting all of you to channel that anger and outrage into a positive commitment to support access to justice for all Ontarians,” he said.

“The work of these organizations proves that it is possible to make a difference, even when it can seem that the challenges to the justice system are so many and so entrenched that reform is beyond all of us.”

Through his work with the Treasurer’s Advisory Group, Conway has collaborated with many of these groups, examining solutions for access to justice issues.

Keep a look out today for the following people in wigs:

  • Law Society Treasurer, Thomas Conway
  • Derry Millar, Weir Foulds LLP
  • Paul Schabas, Blakes Law Firm and LFO Trustee
  • Elizabeth Goldberg, CEO Law Foundation of Ontario
  • Carol L. Hartman, Miller Maki LLP and LFO Trustee
  • Christopher Clifford, Bergeron Clifford LLP and LFO Trustee
  • Stephen Rhodes, Deputy Minister, Correctional Services Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and LFO Trustee
  • Dean Camille Cameron, Windsor University
  • Dean Iain Scott, University of Western Ontario
  • Dean Bill Flanagan, Queen’s University
  • Dean Sebastien Grammond, University of Ottawa – Civil Law Section
  • Dean Lee Stuesser, Lakehead University