International Francophonie Day – March 20

Posted: 03/20/2017

Célébration de la Journée internationale de la francophonieInternational Francophonie Day recognizes the richness and diversity of the French language and French culture shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world, including here in Canada.

It is observed annually on March 20th, to mark the creation of the Agence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique (ACCT) in Niger on March 20, 1970. The ACCT was the predecessor organization to the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), which brings together 80 states and governments on five continents to work together for the benefit of the global French-speaking community. Canada is a member of the OIF, and the organization is currently headed by former Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean.

On this special day, the Law Society joins individuals, organizations and governments around the world in celebrating French language and culture, and their contributions to the fabric of Ontario’s legal community and to the community at large.

The Law Society is dedicated to ensuring and promoting linguistic diversity and French-language rights. To learn more about the Law Society’s French-language initiatives, please visit this site

For additional French-language resources for the legal community and the public, please visit:

  • The Association of French Speaking Jurists of Ontario (AJEFO): AJEFO works to ensure access to justice in French in Ontario. AJEFO promotes the use of both official languages within Ontario’s legal system by creating awareness, informing and educating justice sector professionals and the public on their legal rights and obligation as well as their right to legal services in the official language of their choice.
  • is a Canadian legal research portal aimed at justice sectors professionals who work with French minority communities. is a virtual library containing a variety of resources and tools mainly geared towards lawyers, paralegals, jurilinguists, university students and researchers in Canada.
  • is a Canadian legal information portal which offers simplified legal content to French minority communities across Canada.’s mandate is to inform the public about their rights and obligations relating to questions they face regularly, and in all aspects of life. also offers a great variety of legal resources tailored for youth as well as school teachers.