Law Society bids farewell to Sandra Nishikawa and welcomes Heather Zordel as new bencher

Posted: 01/25/2018

Sandra Nishikawa, Heather Zordel

The Law Society is pleased to welcome Heather Zordel (image: right) as the Law Society’s newest bencher.  Heather was elected as a result of the appointment of Toronto bencher Sandra Nishikawa (image: left) as a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. She replaces Mr. Justice T.L. Archibald, who elected to become a supernumerary judge.

Justice Nishikawa was elected as a bencher to the Law Society in 2015 and has served as Vice-Chair of the Equity and Indigenous Affairs Committee.  Commenting on Justice Nishikawa’s appointment, Paul Schabas, Treasurer of the Law Society, said: “All of us at the Law Society congratulate Sandra on her appointment. I also want to extend our deepest gratitude to Sandra for her commitment and work as a bencher over the last two years.”

Heather Zordel, who was officially elected as a bencher at Convocation today, is a partner in the Securities Group at Gardiner Roberts, focusing on corporate finance and securities regulatory compliance, where she assists public companies in complying with stock exchange and securities commission requirements. In addition to her law practice, Heather is the Co-Director and a Course Director for the Osgoode Hall LL.M program in securities law and also teaches in legal professional development programs. Heather also spent a number of years working for the TSX.

Heather has served on the board of crown corporations and private corporations. Currently, she is a board and Audit Committee member of Toronto Hydro Corporation. Previously, she was appointed by the Federal Minister of Finance to the Expert Panel on Securities Regulation tasked with providing advice on the best way forward to improve securities regulation in Canada. Heather is a past chair of the Securities Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the Ontario Securities Commission on legislative and policy initiatives and capital markets trends.

Welcoming Heather as a bencher, Paul Schabas, Treasurer, said: “We are looking forward to having Heather’s input and energy as a bencher of the Law Society. Her extensive professional experience will be of great use in helping to guide the work of the Society and build upon and implement the many initiatives we are currently involved in.”


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