Law Society reappoints Tribunal Chair David A. Wright

Posted: 03/21/2017

David A. WrightThe Law Society has reappointed Tribunal Chair David A. Wright for a four-year term, which will commence in September 2017.

“The Law Society is very pleased to reappoint David Wright as Tribunal Chair,” said Law Society Treasurer Paul Schabas. “His leadership and innovation have furthered our commitment to a hearing process that is transparent, fair and effective for both the public and the affected licensees.”

Wright was first appointed in 2013 as the independent organization’s first full-time non-bencher Tribunal Chair, and has played a key role in enhancing the Law Society’s adjudicative process.

Notably, under his leadership a new scheduling process was established to maximize hearing date options and reduce vacated and continuation dates. The enhanced use of pre-hearing conferences has also resulted in significant improvements in case management, with fewer adjournments – and hearings that generally take less time.

As part of the Law Society’s commitment to foster an independent adjudicative tribunal, Wright oversaw the relocation of the Tribunal in 2015 from Osgoode Hall to 375 University Ave., Toronto. To further build the Tribunal’s distinct identity, Wright and his team developed a set of core values for the organization: fairness, quality, transparency and timeliness. A new, dedicated website was also developed to enhance transparency of Tribunal proceedings and provide resources for the public and parties appearing before the Tribunal.

Wright has introduced a number of other innovations, including the Chair’s Practice Roundtable – a forum which provides the Tribunal and its stakeholders with an opportunity to share and receive input on Tribunal processes, policies, and developments.

His plans for 2017 include updating and modernizing the Tribunal’s electronic filing system and an update of the Tribunalla’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.

“I am extremely happy to be reappointed as Tribunal Chair and I look forward to continuing to build the Law Society Tribunal as a leader in the administrative justice community,” said Wright.

About David A. Wright

David Wright holds an LLM from the New York University School of Law (2000) as well as an LLB and BCL from the McGill University Faculty of Law (1998). He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001.

Prior to his appointment to the Law Society Tribunal, he served as Associate Chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. He also practised as a bilingual litigation and labour lawyer, appearing before a variety of administrative tribunals and all levels of courts.

He is a member of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario and the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators.

In 2015, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and has spoken about administrative justice to other organizations and regulatory bodies, including TAG – The Action Group on Access to Justice, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, the Manitoba Council of Administrative Tribunals and the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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