Lawyers’ conduct rules amended re: discrimination and harassment

Posted: 04/26/2018

NoticeConvocation amended the Rules of Professional Conduct as part of the actions it is undertaking to enhance current regulatory measures and supports related to issues of discrimination and harassment in the professions.

As part of the actions identified by the SPOT Team, the Professional Regulation Committee reviewed the conduct rules and found that they clearly and unambiguously prohibit discrimination and harassment. However, the committee determined that amendments were warranted to emphasize current obligations and to highlight recent legislative changes applicable to workplaces, including legal workplaces. Among the amendments were additions to the commentary to Rule 6.3.1-3 to highlight existing requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Paralegal Standing Committee will be considering whether similar changes should be made to the Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines.

Convocation also amended the lawyer and paralegal rules of conduct to change Law Society of Upper Canada to Law Society of Ontario at the same time the Law Society Act is amended.

More information about the rule changes is available in the Professional Regulation Committee report to Convocation. For all rules and by-laws visit

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