393 lawyers called to Bar in Toronto

Posted: 06/19/2014

June 19 Toronto Call to Bar ceremonyLaw Society Treasurer Thomas Conway welcomed more than 390 new lawyers to Ontario’s Bar today at Roy Thomson Hall.

“Each of you will be Called by name and will cross the stage.

“On behalf of Convocation, I will formally welcome you as a member of our profession and our Law Society,” he said.

“Despite the solemnity of the Call to the Bar ceremony, today is a day for you and your family and friends to celebrate.

“So everyone out there, when you see your newly-minted lawyer crossing the stage, we will all want to hear you cheer up here. Don’t be shy. This only happens once.”

Among those crossing the stage Thursday were 200 new female and 193 male lawyers.

Each was encouraged to share their comments and photos online using the hashtag #called2014, a selection of which has been collected on the Gazette.

The Honourable Stephen Goudge received an LLD at the ceremony. In a speech afterward he offered his congratulations to the new lawyers.

“You represent a wonderful diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual orientations,” he said.

“Gone is the almost exclusive white male makeup of my day. This reflection of your community will enable you to serve its needs much better and in many more effective ways.

“The variety of paths you can now choose to follow also vastly surpasses the choices available a generation ago. Back then we could basically choose either private practice or government service.

“And private practice was relatively homogenous. Today all that has changed.”