Paralegal guidelines amended re: discrimination and harassment

Posted: 05/24/2018

Notice to the professionsThe Paralegal Standing Committee amended the professional conduct guidelines to enhance guidance to paralegals on their obligations in relation to harassment and discrimination.

The amendments are part of the actions recommended by the SPOT team, which was created by Treasurer Schabas to strengthen regulatory measures and supports related to issues of discrimination and harassment in the professions.

Minor changes were made to Guideline 4-7, which provide interpretive guidance on conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.

New Guidelines 4-9 – 4-12 were added. These refer to the requirements applicable to workplace violence and harassment under the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act, which mandates that employers create workplace violence and harassment policies, as well as programs to implement those policies, and creates certain obligations for employers, including a duty to conduct investigations into allegations of workplace harassment that are appropriate in the circumstances.

More information is available in the Paralegal Standing Committee report to Convocation. For all rules and by-laws visit