Renowned real estate and mortgage law expert: Walter Martin Traub receives Law Society Medal

Posted: 05/15/2018

Walter Martin TraubWalter Martin Traub: Called to the Bar in 1973, Walter Traub is highly regarded as one of Canada’s foremost experts and authorities in real estate and mortgage law. He is the Editor in Chief of the leading book on mortgage law in Canada, “Falconbridge on Mortgages” published by Canada Law Book in 2003, and he has made a remarkable contribution to the law and practice of real estate through his role as a teacher, mentor, writer and leader in the real estate bar.

For many years, he taught the Bar Admission Course in the fields of real estate and estates law, as well as the mortgage law course at Seneca College. He has rendered expert opinions, appeared as an expert witness in trials and has published many articles on the subject of real estate and mortgage law.

He established and continues to sponsor the Walter M. Traub Bursary Fund for Osgoode Hall Law School, and is the founder and organizer of the “Tour of Life,” an annual 200-kilometre charitable cycling event.

What does this award mean to you?

“It is the ultimate re-affirmation of the career ideals and goals that I have pursued in my 48 years of the study and practice of law. This coveted award will forever symbolize a reaffirmation of the universal truth I have learned and lived by: ‘you only get out of life and all aspects and endeavours thereof, what you put into it.’ 

Receipt of this honour will also help me influence the future of others by sharing with them the importance of this universal truth. I am most proud to have been chosen for this honour and I accept it graciously.”

Mr. Traub’s interest in law was inspired and motivated by his father, who was an established jurist and professor of law. When asked about his biggest career achievements, he replied that there have been several. Most worthy of mention are:

  • being selected to act on some of the most significant and complex transactional retainers;
  • having the largest student attendances for lectures and receiving glowing evaluations from students at the Bar Admission Course and Seneca College;
  • having his legal expert opinions ratified by court decisions at various levels; and
  • being selected by peers and the Law Society in 1997 as the choice candidate to edit, update and substantially rewrite the foremost book on mortgage law, “Falconbridge on Mortgages,” which he continues to do.

Looking ahead, Mr. Traub sees that his chosen profession is already facing great challenges. Societal values are changing rapidly and yielding to new realities — and the legal professions may have difficulty in keeping up with these transformations.

Rising costs of legal education and private practice, coupled with forever escalating complexities of the law itself — and compounded by societal and cultural changes — will have a major role in shaping the future of the legal professions, he says.

The Law Society Medal was established in 1985 as an honour to be awarded to lawyers who have made significant contributions to the profession. Award recipients are chosen for their outstanding service within the profession, whether in the area of practice or in the academic sphere, or in some other professional capacity — either over a long-term, or for a single outstanding act of service.

This year, 10 exceptional members of the legal professions will be honoured with Law Society awards at a ceremony on May 23rd.