New lawyers Called in London, Ont.

Posted: 06/16/2014

Thomas Conway, David Smye, Robert Lapper.

Hamilton lawyer David F. Smye, QC (seated), Treasurer Thomas G. Conway (left) and CEO Robert G.W. Lapper, QC. / Event photos courtesy of Geoff Robins

The Law Society welcomed 75 new lawyers to Ontario’s Bar at a ceremony in London, Ont., Monday.

Treasurer Thomas Conway congratulated the new lawyers on  joining the profession, highlighting that they are among more than 46,000 Ontario lawyers and 6,300 paralegals who facilitate justice for members of the Ontario public.

“As new lawyers, you have become the essential service workers of the law. You are the next generation of lawyers to whom our justice system…is entrusted,” Treasurer Conway said.

“You must maintain it, adapt it to the circumstances of your world. You are duty bound to improve it and make it better for your fellow citizens.”

New lawyers also received encouragement from Hamilton lawyer, David F. Smye, QC, who, at the same ceremony, was awarded an honorary LLD.

“What is the key to success? I am afraid, I cannot offer the silver bullet answer,” he said.

“Undoubtedly, it involves hard work, dedication to tasks, having the courage of your convictions and of course knowledge and skill in the law. But nothing is more important than absolute preparedness.”

Read Smye’s full comments here.

Those called to the Bar Monday are among close to 1,500 new lawyers called to the Bar in June.

Treasurer Conway invited the new lawyers and guests to participate online in the London Call to the Bar ceremony via the hashtag, #called2014.

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