Tribunal calls for comment on new draft Rules

Posted: 11/30/2018

The Law Society Tribunal Committee launched a public call for comment at November 30 Convocation regarding new draft Rules of Practice.

Designed to better reflect best practices in adjudication and codify existing procedures, the new rules are proposed to replace the current Rules of Practice and Procedure. They aim to balance fairness and efficiency and address challenges that have arisen under the current rules.

They will also be more user-friendly, especially for self-represented licensees and licence applicants appearing before the Tribunal.

Under the proposed new Rules, Hearing and Appeal Division panels will be better able to respond to the particular needs of each case.

The proposed substantive changes include:

  • definition of the values that guide procedural decisions;
  • more flexible case management powers;
  • greater use of written hearings and technology;
  • more flexible powers on admission of evidence;
  • a revamp of the rule that deals with not public proceedings and documents.

The new draft rules are the culmination of the committee’s 18 months of intensive work from April 2017 to the present.

Comments are invited until January 15, 2019 and should be sent to The final version will be presented to Convocation in February 2019. If approved, they are scheduled to take effect April 1, 2019.

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