Update on proposed enhancements to the lawyer licensing process

Posted: 05/13/2016

Notice-gazetteProposed enhancements to the Lawyer Licensing Process were reported for information by the Law Society’s Professional Development and Competence Committee to April Convocation with the intent of soliciting input from the profession.

The proposal was part of the Law Society’s strategic priority to enhance licensing standards to ensure new lawyers are competent to meet and surpass the expectations of future law practice.

The Committee, having benefitted from the input received to date, has decided to address and respond to concerns raised, as appropriate, as well as to continue to receive and assess any additional input over the coming months. Accordingly, the Committee plans to consider these enhancements in conjunction with its assessment of the Pathways Pilot Project, which is scheduled to commence in September 2016.

As a result, the licensing process changes that were discussed in the April report to Convocation will not be implemented for the 2017-18 licensing year.