4 Reasons to Attend the Paralegal Cup

Posted: 10/25/2016

Group of paralegal studentsAre you a paralegal student in Ontario? Participate in the 2016 Paralegal Cup on November 19th and 20th!

About the 2016 Paralegal Cup

Hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada, in conjunction with Humber College ITAL, the annual Paralegal Cup is the only mooting competition in Ontario that is exclusive to paralegal students, and is open to all students enrolled in a paralegal diploma or certificate program recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Independent student teams are welcome. A team qualifies as an independent team if they are registering to compete without any support from their college or institution. Teams must have a coach who is licensed to practice law or provide legal services in Ontario.

Why attend?

1. Practice and gain new skills

The mooting competition asks student teams to identify and address the legal issues for both the appellant and respondent in a contemporary Canadian case.

Through a ten-minute oral submission and written component, your advocacy, legal research, and legal writing skills will be put to the test.

The competition also provides a safe environment to help you build confidence as you prepare to graduate into the profession.

2. Connect with mentors, industry leaders and future colleagues

Throughout the weekend, there will be opportunities to network with peers, hear from influential and prominent guest speakers from the legal community, and gain valuable feedback from prestigious judges and mentors.

3. Visit Osgoode Hall and the new Law Society Tribunal

This year’s competition is being held at Osgoode Hall and the Law Society Tribunal. This is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the Tribunal space for a positive learning experience.

4. Compete against top paralegal students

The Paralegal Cup has showcased an amazing level of talent. After competing in the Paralegal Cup, students have seen success in other mooting competitions. Last year, the team that won the Osgoode Cup tournament consisted of one student from the 2015 Paralegal Cup winning team and one student from the 2015 Paralegal Cup finalist team.

Apply now!

If you’re interested in participating in the 2016 Paralegal Cup, apply online.