CPD Programs for Paralegals – only 2 months left to earn your Hours

Posted: 10/31/2016

CPD for ParalegalsThere are only 2 months left to earn and log your CPD Requirement Hours for 2016.

If you still have Hours to obtain, here are four programs coming up in November in December for paralegals:

Damages in Small Claims Court — Webcast only

November 10

Small claims court can be a whirlwind, particularly for paralegals and junior lawyers. When you’re structuring a strong argument for your client’s case, you have to consider many relevant factors. Hear from deputy judges on how to determine an appropriate damage award assessment and how to manage your client’s expectations. Learn about key principles in contract and tort law and understand proof of damages. Give yourself all the tools to make your argument a persuasive one.

CPD Hours: 1 h Substantive | 30 m Professionalism

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Technology Tips for Paralegals — Webcast only

November 21

The paralegal world moves fast. The only way to keep pace—and to cut through the noise—is by integrating current technology into your legal services practice. Our presenters help you take the next steps towards a tech-friendly practice that meets your operational needs and helps you provide superior service to your clients. Learn how new and evolving products enhance your efficiency, mobility, and security, while maintaining good client service.

CPD Hours: 2 h Professionalism

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A Primer on Employment Law for Paralegals — Live in Toronto and by webcast

November 30 (Replay)

For many paralegals, acting for clients involved in a workplace-related matter comprises an important area of their practice. Our presenters provide an overview of the key concepts relating to employment agreements, contractor versus employee characterizations, severance packages, and settlement agreements. They also pass on practical information and tips on retainer agreements, client interviews, and more.​

CPD Hours: 2 h 15 m Substantive | 45 m Professionalism

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Trust Reconciliation for Paralegals — Webcast only

December 13

​Reconciling your trust account can seem like a difficult task. To make it more manageable, you need to break it down into a series of clearly defined steps. We can help with that. In this interactive program designed specifically for paralegals, our presenter takes you through a trust account reconciliation, step by step.

CPD Hours: 1 h 30 m Professionalism

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