Five paralegals elected to join Convocation

Posted: 04/01/2014

paralegal bencher election 2014 winnersLicensed paralegals throughout the province voted online March 12 to 31 to elect five of their peers as Law Society benchers and members of the Paralegal Standing Committee.

A total of 1,200 ballots were cast. The Order of Standing is available online.

The five elected paralegals are: Robert Burd of Brampton, Cathy Corsetti of Mississauga, Michelle L. Haigh of Burlington, Brian Lawrie of Mississauga and Marian Lippa of Newmarket.

As benchers, they will participate in and vote at Convocation. The length of the term of office is four years.

The election was the second to be held since the Law Society began regulating Ontario’s paralegals in 2007. Passage last December of Bill 111, Modernizing Regulation of the Legal Profession Act, 2013, increased the number of paralegal benchers from two to five.

Through the Paralegal Standing Committee, elected paralegals play a prominent role in the governance of their profession by developing policy options relating to the regulation and licensing of paralegals. Paralegal benchers also sit as adjudicators to consider cases related to the licensing, competence, conduct and capacity of paralegals.

“Convocation is pleased to welcome the five elected paralegal benchers,” says Law Society Treasurer Thomas G. Conway. “Their participation at Convocation will enhance the governance of the profession.”

Biographies are available online.