Paralegal bencher election candidates

Posted: 01/20/2014

cta paralegal election newHere is the updated list of candidates in the 2014 Paralegal Bencher Election, following withdrawal of a candidate prior to the withdrawal deadline on Jan. 24.

Frank Alfano
Sacha Ally
Robert Burd
Paula Callaghan
Gerri Camus
Tami N. Cogan
Cathy Corsetti
Daniel Foster
Jimmy Gangadin
Anthony Gualtieri
Michelle L. Haigh
Kirk R. Hardy
Stephen A. LaForest
Marie Lalande
Kevin A. Larkin
Brian Lawrie
Marian Lippa
Kristina Mac Donald
Benjamin Odinakachukwu Mbaegbu
Jaclyn P. Solomon
Frank Tancredi
Christine L. Stover
Ian G. Wilkinson
Robert J. Wren-Marlow
Marshall Yarmus

Please note that the in keeping with Law Society’s obligation to ensure the integrity and neutrality of the election process, comments on this particular page have been disable. The Law Society will continue to provide all licensees with the information they need to ensure a fair and inclusive election.