Paralegal Change of Status research report released

Posted: 06/25/2015

paralegal retention research reportNew research tracking movement within the paralegal profession reveals that women are more likely to change status and are more likely to be moving out of practice in a firm than are their male counterparts.

The research, from a report commissioned by the Equity and Aboriginal Affairs Department of the Law Society as a part of its Working Group on the Retention of Women, aims to build a better understanding of movements within the paralegal profession, particularly among women.

According to the report, Paralegal Change of Status Research, 2012–2014, women are leaving practice in paralegal or law firms for work environments that offer a greater ability to balance family and career and that provide more stability and better benefits. The report was released in the Paralegal Standing Committee’s June report to Convocation.

Men who change status, in contrast, are more likely to be moving into or staying within a paralegal or law firm setting and tend to be looking for greater control over their work content, environment and scheduling.

The report presents results from a survey of paralegals who changed their status with the Law Society between 2012 and 2014.

The majority of survey respondents did not hold a position in a paralegal or law firm. Just less than half of respondents were practising as paralegals either in a paralegal firm or law firm prior to changing status.

A total of 936 paralegals participated in the survey.