Paralegals Help CAN reach 1000th match

Posted: 09/24/2018

The Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) just made its 1000th match, and Paralegals played a big part in this milestone!

Whether as a volunteer or a participant, paralegals across Ontario are finding CAN to be a valuable resource and community. They make up roughly 13% of CAN’s roster and about 20% of all Requests for Time. In fact, we had more than 150 registrants for Our CAN and Your Paralegal Practice webcast panel discussion earlier this year! See the highlights below:

Here are just a few ways that CAN supports paralegals:

  1. CAN Coaches help Participants identify and achieve goals on topics especially relevant for paralegals, such as: opening a practice, financial management, and finding a practice niche.
  2. CAN Advisors serve as a valuable sounding board for sole and small practice paralegals when they need guidance with a substantive or procedural issue on a client file.
  3. CAN’s volunteer roster includes paralegals experienced in all areas within the paralegal scope of practice, including: POA Court, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant, Summary Convictions, and Administrative Tribunal work.
  4. CAN Coaching engagements can be tailored to your specific needs. If you want a Coach from your local region, or prefer one outside of it, CAN will endeavour to find a suitable match. CAN also strives to meet requests related to self-identified equity seeking groups, size of practice, and/or number of years of practice experience.
  5. Volunteering with CAN gives paralegal Coaches and Advisors the opportunity to enhance communication skills, augment professional networks, and serve as leaders and mentors in the profession.

Whether you are looking for Coaching, Advising or a way to serve the paralegal profession, CAN is a great place to start.

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