Rules of conduct amended

Posted: 02/28/2014


interior-new-rulesConvocation amended the Paralegal Rules of Conduct to implement the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s Model Code of Professional Conduct. The Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines were also amended.

Key points:

  • The amended rules and guidelines come into effect October 1, 2014. The Law Society will provide educational resources to all members prior to the rules coming into force.
  • Most amendments are minor, however some changes are more substantive and introduce new standards – particularly changes to the rules dealing with conflicts of interest, undertakings and withdrawal from representation. See summary of changes – paralegals (PDF).
  • The Law Society is developing new and updating existing resources to assist paralegals and lawyers and will offer CPD programs on the amended rules.

The Paralegal Rules of Conduct were reviewed in relation to the Model Code and amended in order to maintain consistency between the lawyer and paralegal conduct rules. The lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct were amended in October 2013.

More information on the changes to the lawyer and paralegal rules including background information and blacklined versions of the rules is available on New Rules page of the Law Society website.