Seneca College wins third-annual Paralegal Cup

Posted: 12/01/2015

Paralegal Cup WinnersFor the second year in a row, paralegal students from Seneca College have won the Paralegal Cup. Congratulations to Kathryn Brklacich and Gavin Phillips.

The intercollegiate mooting competition took place November 21 and 22 at Humber College, attracting a record 16 teams from Algonquin Careers Academy, Canadian Business College, Centennial College, Humber College, Mohawk College and Seneca College.

“We have seen the top students from around the province who have thoroughly impressed the paralegal and academic communities alike,” said Michelle Haigh, chair of the Law Society’s Paralegal Standing Committee and Ontario Paralegal Association member.

Established in 2013, the Paralegal Cup is the only extracurricular academic event in Ontario that gives paralegal students an opportunity to compete in the art of oral advocacy.

It is open to all students enrolled in a paralegal diploma or certificate program recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and serves as an invaluable opportunity for students to connect with mentors, industry leaders and future colleagues.

This year’s theme was Professionalism and Civility.

The Law Society’s CEO, Robert Lapper, appeared as a guest judge and speaker.

“I was privileged to be a judge at this event,” Lapper said. “I wish more members of your profession could have seen and heard the amazing quality of the advocacy advanced by these students. It speaks well of the future of the paralegal profession. “

Students identified and addressed legal issues for both the appellant and respondent in a modified version of the Ontario Court of Appeal case R v Williamson , 2014 ONCA 598. Advocacy, legal research and legal writing skills were tested through a ten-minute oral presentation and a written component.

“I observed some very impressive advocacy from the competitors,” said David Wright, chair, Law Society Tribunal, after serving as a judge for the mooting. “It was a well-organized event and I was very pleased to be a part of it.”

Law Society benchers Raj Anand, Marian Lippa and Robert Burd also served as judges, and benchers Cathy Corsetti and Brian Lawrie made appearances. Kiran Gill, associate – Lawrences Litigation Group – Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP, provided a keynote speech.