Women’s Paralegal Association on equity advisory

Posted: 10/15/2015

Logo - Women's Paralegal Association of OntarioStarting this month, the Women’s Paralegal Association of Ontario (WPAO) will begin a three-year term on the Law Society’s Equity Advisory Group (EAG).

With a mandate to assist the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee (EAIC), the EAG supports the development of policy options for the promotion of equity and diversity in the legal profession by:

  • identifying and advising the EAIC on issues affecting equity communities, both within the legal profession and relevant to those seeking access to the profession;
  • providing input to the EAIC on the planning and development of policies and practices related to equity, both within the Law Society and the profession; and
  • commenting to the EAIC on Law Society reports and studies relating to equity issues within the profession.

The advisory group comprises no more than 12 individual members of the legal professions and 12 organizational members. One position shall be held by a paralegal member and one position shall be held by a paralegal organization or association.

Founded in 2013, the Women’s Paralegal Association of Ontario provides mentorship and support to women working as licensed paralegals within the Province of Ontario.

Full list of EAG members