Curious about coaching?

Posted: 05/06/2019

Guest Post by Jennifer Quito

Are you a lawyer or paralegal curious about what coaching is? How it supports mentoring and why might you want to use it in your practice? These questions and more will be explored at the “Curious About Coaching” webinar on May 27, 2019, now open for registration to all Ontario lawyers and paralegals. Brought to you by the Law Society’s Coach and Advisor Network (CAN), you will hear from staff about why the Law Society adopted this approach, and also glean insights from award-winning educator Josie Di Vincenzo about why coaching is such a powerful tool for change. CAN volunteers and participants will also participate in this webinar and talk about the impact they have seen from coaching.

Hand holding up a person to see farther

While the advisor model is one that the professions are accustomed with, coaching is a distinct way of using our highly valued communication and questioning skills. This program highlights the effectiveness of a coach-approach and qualifies for 1.5 hrs of professionalism content.

Are you ready to learn more about coaching? Are you interested in developing powerful skills for change? Then sign up for the “Curious About Coaching” webinar today.

This program is offered for free to all CAN volunteers and is just one more example of our ongoing commitment to supporting our volunteers and to providing enriching experiences through high-value programming. Whether it is a three-month coaching engagement to improve practice management or a 30-minute advisor phone call to address an issue on a client file, CAN volunteers continue to see the positive impact of their help. CAN provides a flexible model for engagement and leadership in the professions, all with the support of the CAN team. Learn more about volunteering with CAN here.

Jennifer Quito is Counsel and Team Manager in the Law Society’s Practice Supports and Resources Department. She is responsible for the oversight of the CAN program. Jennifer looks forward to connecting with CAN volunteers and creating new opportunities to engage with the professions.