Ken Prehogan: “Why I’m an Advisor”

Posted: 08/31/2017

I recently caught up with Ken Prehogan, Litigation Partner at WeirFoulds LLP and a volunteer Advisor with the Coach and Advisor Network (CAN). I provided him with a quick update on CAN’s progress and our desire to maintain momentum. “You know how it is!” I say. But Ken stops me, “No. I don’t. Tell me.” And that is, how it is, with someone like Ken, who is a natural coach, advisor and mentor.

I find myself giving him more details: in just the first six months we have recruited 156 volunteers, offered one webcast and three training workshops, and have responded to 420 Requests for Time. But we have more to do.

“How can I help?” he says without hesitation. I am struck, again, by the generosity of the legal professions and reply, “Tell me why you choose to be part of CAN.”

“Venus Sayed and John Rosen were nothing short of inspiring and they gave a convincing rationale for the program.” Ken says, referring to CAN’s launch to the professions held in late 2016. “And … I just like people. I like their stories.”

At WeirFoulds, Ken serves as head of the firm’s litigation group which hosts regular learning events, but he is quick to point out that we are learning all the time. “In the court room, no matter how you thought it would go, it never does. There are clues in the judge’s questions, in the witness’s face, so you have to be open to learning in the moment.”

“In the office, people show up at my door. They have issues and questions, and I do, too. We are learning from each other and we are learning all the time.”

Ken observes that it might not be conscious, but, as legal professionals, we are constantly coaching and advising each other. It is how we improve and how we support each other to do our best work. And, that is why an initiative like CAN matters.

On my return to the office, I find a new request for an Advisor; a real estate transaction gone wrong and strategic advice is needed. I send a note to Ken and he responds right away, “Happy to take it. Maybe I’ll learn something.”

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