Earning Professionalism Hours

Posted: 05/20/2014

CPD Requirement imageThere are many ways to earn the Professionalism Hours you need to complete the annual CPD Requirement.

The following alternate activities are eligible for the CPD Requirement and you can apply, in advance, to have them accredited for Professionalism Hours:

  • Teaching to a maximum of six hours per year. Actual teaching time may be multiplied by three to reflect preparation time
  • Acting as an Articling Principal or LPP work placement supervisor; supervising a paralegal field placement; mentoring or being mentored to a maximum of six hours per year
  • Writing and editing books or articles with or without a co-author to a maximum of six hours per year
  • Participation in study groups of two or more lawyers or paralegals. See the Law Society’s Professionalism case studies for resources to support study groups.

There are also numerous organizations, including the Law Society, that offer CPD Programs with accredited Professionalism Hours.

Accredited CPD

These programs are identified by the CPD accredited logo. Make sure to enter the applicable number of Professionalism Hours based on your program attendance in the LSUC Portal by December 31.

See the CPD Requirement web pages for more information.